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Smitten with the DIY kits from Etsy Seller, Goose Grease, from Brooklyn, New York, particularly the nativity set and Mary, Joseph & Jesus ornaments for those that celebrate Christmas. But, the fun doesn’t stop there, Goose Grease has a number of DIY kits for crafting year round, including a yo-yo and two tops kit, a family figurine kit, a cupcake topper kit, a wedding cake topper kit and many more. In short, check out the shop to find something just right for you. I think these kits would be an excellent craft idea for children, but also for adults who want to enjoy some crafting fun! Each DIY set includes all the materials necessary (the wooden figurines, brushes, paints, top coats, instructions, etc.) to have you on your way to creating these adorable hand painted figurines or ornaments.

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